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     Greenwood Cemetery, Fort Worth, TX

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08/12/11 12:47 PM #1    

Caroline Willett (Carson)


08/13/11 02:13 PM #2    

Greg Ferguson

When I moved to FT. Worth in '64 Bill and Alan Sample were two of the first guys I met. Bill had that side ways grin that confirmed that he was up to something! My first ever trip to the principals office was preceeded by the three of us tearing a boys shirt off his back while playing "touch" football!! Nippy Scarborough was the principals name.

At the end of Cool Hand Luke there is a montage of grins on Paul Newman's face. I do not see that without thinking of Bill Miller. My dad loved Bill and so did I.

04/12/22 11:47 AM #3    

Russell Dwight Gibson

One night in the Summer before our senior year I received a call from Bill. "Get to my house as fast as you can", jumped in my car and was there in no time. I walked around to his bedroom entrance. 
"Gibson you gotta hear this song".He proceed to play "Mule Skinner Blues" on his reel to reel. 
To this day I still play that song and have to think about Bill


04/21/22 11:03 PM #4    

Libby Walker (Anderson)

Greenwood Cemetery, Fort Worth, TX 

04/22/22 10:47 AM #5    

John Vaughan

Bill was larger than life when we were at Stripling. He matured faster than some of us , and was the consummate football star.  He was solid muscle. Tough as nails. But, in addition he was always humble and modest. I remember the first time he said "Hi" to me in the hallway. It meant a lot to me.  He was always a locker room prankster as I recall. I remember him acting crazy with Hutch Bass, Alan Sample, Duff Maddox and Terry Drennan (at Stripling), and others. Rumor was that Bill was the mystery man putting a jock strap in Pat O'Malley's lunch every day.  Can't confirm.  Poor Pat.  That went on for months !! 
I admired Bill very much.  Saw him at the 10-year reunion.  Sadly, that was the last time I saw him.  RIP      John Vaughan 


04/23/22 03:51 PM #6    

Pat O'Malley

You are correct John. Bill was amazingly stealth like in this prank of the jock straps in my lunch. I could never catch him. Finally, one day at lunch I opened my brown paper bag and no jock strap. Finally over I thought. I relaxed and took a bit of my peanut butter and jelly sandwich and he had embedded several rubberbands in my sandwich making for quite a scene as I bit into one and it streched out as I pulled my sandwich away to try to figure out what was happening. I beleive the rubberbands were followed by paperclips. Hard to relax at lunch with Bill on the move. A loveable prankster he was. Pat




06/26/22 01:22 AM #7    

Robert C Warren

I remember Bill more from Striping than at Heights. He was definitely more mature than the average 9th grader. I had him in a couple of my classes and in one he sat two chairs behind me with, I believe, his girlfriend, directly behind me so I couldn't help but hear their conversations. He was definitely more mature than I was anyway. He just cracked me up in class and I had to try and hold it in. I was always jealous because he was just so damn funny and popular with everyone really. Never remember him ever picking on anyone except his friends just being funny. It's strange I probably remember him better than anyone else at Stripling I suppose because he always seemed bigger than life.  I didn't hit 6'5" until 10th grade and he was already tall at Stripling.  I remember when I had found out he had passed and just thought how short and uncertain life can be even for the best of them. 

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