Stephen "Gary" White

Profile Updated: June 5, 2022
Residing In: Kekaha, HI USA
Occupation: Retired Contract Specialist

Since 1971, for first 3 years afterwards I worked in restaurants and King Candy Co. Started Jr. College (at TCJC) in Sept 1974. I finished Jr. College in 1976 (A.A. degree in Liberal Arts). For the 5 years afterwards I worked at warehouse distributors and apartment complexes in Fort Worth. I moved to Southern Calif in early 1982. I began working for civilian Dept of Defense in Nov, 1983 (living in Los Angeles County). I acquired my Bachelors Degree in May, 1995 (Calif State University). Years 1996 thru 2001 I lived in Washington State and Hawaii. Moved back to Calif in Aug 2001 (just after our 30th)! Continue to work as civilian with DoD. In May, 2006 I acquired my MBA Degree (Webster University). In Summer 2009 I moved back to Hawaii. In Oct, 2010 I took promotion back to Calif,, lived and work on Calif coast. just below Oregon. I'm now retired and live in Waikoloa, Hawaii. Have never been married after all this time (no kids or anything).

School Story:

This is a tough one (having been so long ago)! Anyway,,, early Fall of our Senior Year,,, was fun riding the bus to San Angelo and the H.S football game, even though the Jackets fell apart in 2nd half and got nailed by at least 3 TDs (just like what happened in Brownwood, the year before). On a brighter note, H.S. football our sophomore year was fun (likewise, the basketball seasons our Jr and Sr years)! :-) I liked the open-campus lunch-study priviledges from our Sr. year. Also remember May of our Sr. year and our all-nighter at 6 Flags amusement Park. For humor memories, go back about a month to the weekend when "Filthy Forty" took place (LoL)!

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Hey yo,, Happy Birthday Allen! :>)

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Hey-hello there Byron! How's it going? It's Gary White here (you, myself, Mike Owen and Clint Hile were all part of a foursome of friends,, WAY back during our AHHS Sr. year). Hard to believe it's been an incredible 43 (going on 44) years now,, as it seems more like just 10,, or 12 years ago instead! :>) On second thought, we can NOT expect time to just "stand still" for us,, (so we can stay young forever) ha ha! Anyway are you still with AMERICAN Airlines? I moved away from Ft. Worth (and Texas) for good, way back in April, 1982. For most of the past 32 years (since then) I've lived in Southern Calif,, however, after 31 years with same organization, I retired from my professional career on July 31, 2014 and soon after that, I moved to Maui (Hawaii). That's where I am now, (still unpacking) LoL! Anyway,, I can be reached at My cell (where I can also receive texts) is 310 529-6170. Drop me a line or a buzz sometime! Gary

Sep 13, 2014 at 3:38 AM

Hey there Allen,, Seems like our birthdays are coming much sooner (and closer together in time) these days! :-) Anyway,, may yours be a very happy occasion! Anyway, presumably this one makes No. 39 for you, (that correct)? :-)

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